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  •                 Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals
               16th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
          	                    - CICM 2023 -
                             September 4-8, 2023
                       Cambridge, United Kingdom
    The CICM conference brings together the many separate communities that 
    have developed theoretical and practical solutions for mathematical
    CICM will be held as a hybrid event (in person and online) and will
    provide associated events with appropriate infrastructure for supporting
    both kinds of participants.
    CICM covers
      * all aspects of mathematics such as formalization, computation,
        deduction, mathematical databases, and mathematical documents,
      * all kinds of tool support such as theorem provers, computer algebra
        systems, knowledge management tools, and user interfaces
      * the whole spectrum from theoretical foundations to practical tools
        and from challenge problems to case studies.
    Workshops typically feature presentations of ongoing research that is
    not ready yet for formal publication, and tutorials present extended
    demos of a particular software.
    However, the CICM organizers strongly encourage a broad interpretation
    of these concepts and welcome proposals for any kind of event that
    benefits the CICM community.
    A proposal should include the following information:
      * title of the event
      * names and affiliations of the organizers
      * brief description of the event (e.g., 1-2 paragraphs)
      * proposed workshop duration (typically half a day up to two days)
      * style (online-only, in person-only, hybrid)
      * previous instances of the event (if any)
      * preferred or excluded dates within the CICM dates (if any)
    CICM will take care of publishing and distributing informal proceedings
    of the workshop/tutorial events (if the respective organizers so wish)
    via open access online proceedings with
    Important Dates
    Proposal submission: January 27, 2023
    Notication:          February 3, 2023
    Conference:          September 4-8, 2023
    Earlier submissions are encouraged and will receive notifications on a rolling basis.
    All  proposals  should  be  submitted via
    More details on the conference are available from
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