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  • Track: System & Projects

    The Systems and Projects track provides a forum for presentation of systems and new and ongoing projects in all areas and topics related to the CICM. It provides an overview of the latest developments and trends within the CICM community and allows exchanging ideas between developers and (actual or potential) users.

    System entries (exactly 1 page, strictly adhering to the following LaTeX template) will be consolidated into a single paper to appear in the formal proceedings of CICM. A system entry can describe both a new tool or a new release of an existing tool. The consolidated paper is meant to showcase the vitality of the CICM community by providing a quick reference to software that is still maintained.

    System description (up to 5 pages) publish digital resources whose value cannot be adequately represented by a printed-paper alone.
    • Systems can be, for example, stand-alone applications, plugins, libraries, or extensions of existing systems, or integrations of existing systems.
    • System descriptions may also present various forms of Data sets, such as formalizations, harvests or new processing of existing data, or case studies, test cases, or benchmark suites for existing systems.
    The descriptions should contain new material, accompanied by links to demos/documentation/downloads/project pages.
    A system description must have a corresponding System entry submission.

    Project descriptions (up to 15 pages) publish overviews of larger bodies of research with a broad focus that cannot be achieved in typical conference papers:
    • Papers on past projects may contain previously published results if their coherent presentation in a single paper provides new value.
    • Papers on current projects may contain envisioned results if these are valuable to shape future research.
    • Papers on new projects should mention relevant previous work and include a roadmap that outlines concrete steps.
    • Project papers may also include Survey papers that present a relevant research problem and discuss, compare, or evaluate historical and/or state-of-the-art solutions. Surveys should be as comprehensive and objective as possible. The discussed research may or may not include research by the authors of the survey.
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