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    17. July
    18. July
    19. July
    20. July
    21. July
    Grant Passmore. Formal Verification of Financial Algorithms, Progress and Prospects
    Przemyslaw Chojecki. DeepAlgebra - an outline of a program
    William Farmer. Theory Morphisms in Church's Type Theory with Quotation and Evaluation
    Alan Bundy. Reformation: A Generic Algorithm for Repairing Faulty Logical Theories
    Michael Kohlhase, Thomas Koprucki, Dennis Müller and Karsten Tabelow. Mathematical Models as Research Data via Flexiformal Theory Graphs
    William Farmer and Jacques Carette. Formalizing Mathematical Knowledge as a Biform Theory Graph: A Case Study
    Andreas Holmstrom and Torstein Vik. Zeta types and Tannakian symbols as a method for representing mathematical knowledge
    Jan Jakubuv and Josef Urban. ENIGMA: Efficient Learning-based Inference Guiding Machine
    Patrick Ion and Stephen Watt. The Global Digital Mathematics Library and The International Mathematical Knowledge Trust
    Franck Slama and Edwin Brady. Automatically Proving Equivalence by Type-Safe Reflection
    Zohreh Shams, Mateja Jamink, Gem Stapleton and Yuri Sato. Reasoning with Concept Diagrams about Antipatterns in Ontologies
    Ekaterina Komendantskaya and Jónathan Heras. Proof mining with dependent types
    Olivier Labbe and Thierry Bouche. The New Numdam platform
    Alexander Maletzky. A New Reasoning Framework for Theorema 2.0
    Joseph Corneli, Ursula Martin, Dave Murray-Rust and Alison Pease. Towards mathematical AI via a model of the content and process of mathematical question and answer dialogues
    Usman Sanwal and Umair Siddique. Combining Refinement and Signal-Temporal Logic for Biological Systems
    Wolfram Sperber and Michael Kohlhase. Software Citations, swMATH, and Beyond
    Alexander Maletzky and Wolfgang Windsteiger. The Formalization ofVickrey Auctions: A Comparison of Two Approaches in Isabelle and Theorema
    Andrea Kohlhase, Michael Kohlhase and Michael Fürsich. Visual Structure in Math Expressions
    Adnan Rashid and Osman Hasan. Formalization of Transform Methods using HOL Light
    Dennis Müller, Thibault Gauthier, Cezary Kaliszyk, Michael Kohlhase and Florian Rabe. Classification of Alignments between Concepts of Formal Mathematical Systems
    14:00Doctoral ProgrammeOpenMathMathUI[M2]
    Howard Cohl, Moritz Schubotz, Abdou Youssef, André Greiner-Petter, Jürgen Gerhard, Bonita V. Saunders, Marjorie A. McClain, Joon Bang and Kevin Chen. Semantic Preserving Bijective Mappings of Mathematical Formulae between Word Processors and Computer Algebra Systems
    Abdou Youssef. Part-of-Math Tagging and Applications
    Ian Ford. Semantic Representation of General Topology in the Wolfram Language
    Nathan Carter and Kenneth Monks. A Web-Based Toolkit for Mathematical Word Processing Applications with Semantics
    Catherine Dubois, Thérèse Hardin, François Pesseaux and Renaud Rioboo. Proving mathematical libraries: FoCaLiZe polynomials
    Moritz Schubotz, Norman Meuschke, Thomas Hepp, Howard Cohl and Bela Gipp. VMEXT: A Visualization Tool for Mathematical Expression Trees
    Adam Naumowicz. Towards Standardized Mizar Environments
    16:00Doctoral ProgrammeOpenMathMathUI[M1]
    Marco B. Caminati and Juliana Küster Filipe Bowles. A Verified Algorithm Enumerating Event Structures
    Cezary Kaliszyk and Karol Pąk. Presentation and Manipulation of Mizar Properties in an Isabelle Object Logic
    Business Meeting
    Business Meeting
    Carlos E. Freites. Mathdialog: a contextual ZFC syntactical game
    Patrick Ion and Eric Weisstein. The Special Function Concordance
    CalculemusDigital Mathematical Libraries (DML)Doctoral ProgramMathematical Knowledge Management (MKM)MathUISystems & ProjectsWork-In-Progress
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