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  • Track: System & Data (Chair: Moa Johansson)

    The systems and data track provides a forum to publish digital resources whose value cannot be adequately represented by a printed paper alone. It aims at an exchange of ideas between developers and users in any area related to the CICM conferences.

    Systems can be for example stand-alone; plugins, libraries, or extensions of existing systems; or integrations of existing systems. Data can be for example formalizations; harvests or new processing of existing data; or case studies, test cases, or benchmark suites for systems.

    In either case, the primary evaluation criteria are the

    1. novelty,
    2. value, and
    3. usability,

    of the system/data and the

    1. clarity of the accompanying paper (up to 6 pages).

    Detailed comments:

    1. Resources are considered novel if they are not the primary focus of a previous archival publication or a concurrent submission. They may also be considered novel if they are substantially more mature than precursors that supported previous archival publications.
      It is possible to supplement a regular submission in another track with a system/data submission if both are valuable independently and can be reviewed and published separately. Authors must point this out in both submissions.
    2. The judgement of the value of a submission is at the discretion of the PC.
    3. Reviewers must be able to try out and use all systems/data conveniently. In particular,
      • the system/data must be available online with clear instructions for download, installation, etc. on the website,
      • the prerequisites (e.g., the system to process the data) must be clearly described on the website,
      • unusual prerequisites and non-default configurations should be bundled,
      • resources should be open source.
    4. Authors must accompany their submission with a printable paper that will appear in the proceedings. This paper should outline the motivation, design decisions, and applications of the system/data. It must include the online reference to the system/data, and examples, screenshots, etc. given in the paper must be consistent with the digital resource.
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