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  • Projects and Surveys

    CICM strongly encourages the submission of project and survey papers.

    Project papers (max. 4-15 pages, according to the scope and impact of the project) have a broader scope than regular papers (and consequently tend to present results at less depth). Papers on past projects may contain previously published results if their coherent presentation in a single paper provides new value. Papers on current projects may contain envisioned results if these are valuable to shape future research. Project papers can range from:

    • projects that are new or about to start,
    • ongoing projects that have not yet been presented to the CICM community, to
    • significant new developments in ongoing previously presented projects.

    Presentations of new projects should mention relevant previous work and include a roadmap that outlines concrete steps. All project submissions must have a live project website and should contain links to demos, videos, downloadable systems or downloadable datasets. Submission of descriptions of new projects are encouraged but would typically be classified as work in progress. We especially solicit for papers of long standing projects. Projects will be evaluated within the main tracks and will be published in the main proceedings.

    Survey papers (max. 15 pages) present a relevant research problem and discuss, compare, or evaluate historical and/or state-of-the-art solutions. Surveys should be as comprehensive and objective as possible. The discussed research may or may not include research by the authors of the survey.

    For project and survey papers, the PC will judge the merits of the paper on a case-by-case basis.

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