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  • Track: Calculemus (Chair: Leonardo de Moura)

    Calculemus is dedicated to the integration of computer algebra systems (CAS) and systems for mechanized reasoning such as interactive proof assistants (PA) and automated theorem provers (ATP). Currently, symbolic computation is divided into several (more or less) independent branches: traditional ones (e.g., computer algebra and mechanized reasoning) as well as emerging ones (on user interfaces, knowledge management, theory exploration, symbolic execution, abstract interpretation, etc.) We wish to bring these developments together in order to facilitate the theory, design, and implementation of integrated systems. These systems should be convenient to use routinely by mathematicians, computer scientists and all others who need computer-supported mathematics in their daily work.

    All topics in the intersection of computer algebra systems and automated reasoning systems are of interest for Calculemus. These include but are not limited to:

    • Automated theorem proving in computer algebra systems.
    • Computer algebra and symbolic computation in theorem proving systems.
    • Adding reasoning capabilities to computer algebra systems.
    • Adding computational capabilities to theorem proving systems.
    • Theory, design and implementation of interdisciplinary systems for computer mathematics.
    • Case studies and applications that involve a mix of computation and reasoning.
    • Case studies in formalization of mathematical theories that include non-trivial computations.
    • Representation of mathematics in computer algebra systems.
    • Theory exploration techniques.
    • Combining methods of symbolic computation and formal deduction.
    • Input languages, programming languages, types and constraint languages, and modeling languages for mathematical assistant systems.
    • Homotopy type theory.
    • Infrastructure for mathematical services.
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