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  • Track D: System & Data (Chair: Florian Rabe)

    The systems and data track provides a forum to publish digital resources whose value cannot be adequately represented by a printed paper alone. It aims at an exchange of ideas between developers and users in any area related to the CICM conferences.

    Submissions consist of the digital resource (which must be available online) and a 5 page paper (which will appear in the proceedings).


    Systems can be for example

    • stand-alone systems
    • plugins, libraries, or extensions of existing systems
    • integrations of existing systems.
    Data can be for example
    • formalizations
    • harvests or new processing of existing data
    • case studies, test cases, or benchmark suites for systems.

    Evaluation Criteria

    The primary evaluation criteria are the

    1. novelty of the system/data,
    2. value of the system/data
    3. usability of the system/data
    4. clarity of the accompanying paper
    5. .

    Detailed remarks regarding the above evaluation criteria

    1. Resources are considered novel if they are not the primary focus of a previous archival publication or a concurrent submission. They may also be considered novel if they are substantially more mature than precursors that supported previous archival publications.
      It is possible to supplement a regular submission in another track with a system/data submission if both are valuable independently and can be reviewed and published separately. Authors must point this out in both submissions.
    2. The judgement of the value of a submission is at the discretion of the PC.
    3. Reviewers must be able to try out and use all systems/data conveniently. In particular,
      • the system/data must be available online with clear instructions for download, installation, etc.,
      • the prerequisites (e.g., the system to process the data) must be clearly described,
      • unusual prerequisites and non-default configurations should be bundled,
      • resources should be open source
    4. Authors must accompany their submission with a printable paper that will appear in the proceedings. This paper should outline the motivation, design decisions, and applications of the system/data. It must include the online reference to the system/data, and examples, screenshots, etc. given in the paper should be consistent with the digital resource.
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