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  • Track D: MKM (Chair: Makarius Wenzel)

    Mathematical Knowledge Management is an interdisciplinary field of research in the intersection of mathematics, computer science, library science, and scientific publishing. The objective of MKM is to develop new and better ways of managing sophisticated mathematical knowledge, based on innovative technology of computer science, the Internet, and intelligent knowledge processing. MKM is expected to serve mathematicians, scientists, and engineers who produce and use mathematical knowledge; educators and students who teach and learn mathematics; publishers who offer mathematical textbooks and disseminate new mathematical results; and librarians and mathematicians who catalog and organize mathematical knowledge.

    The conference is concerned with all aspects of mathematical knowledge management. A non-exclusive list of important topics includes:
    • Representations of mathematical knowledge
    • Authoring languages and tools
    • Repositories of formalized mathematics
    • Deduction systems
    • Mathematical digital libraries
    • Diagrammatic representations
    • Mathematical OCR
    • Mathematical search and retrieval
    • Math assistants, tutoring and assessment systems
    • MathML, OpenMath, and other mathematical content standards
    • Web presentation of mathematics
    • Data mining, discovery, theory exploration
    • Computer algebra systems
    • Collaboration tools for mathematics
    • Challenges and solutions for mathematical workflows
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