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  • CICM Charter (until 15. october 2015)

    The Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM) is an organization and a conference dedicated to promoting the advancement of machine-supported reasoning, computation, and knowledge management in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. CICM is the result of convergence of various research communities that organize a joint annual conference.

    1. Membership: CICM is an organization of research communities. An organization of a research community in intelligent computer mathematics can become a CICM member upon invitation by the CICM Steering Committee. CICM members are represented by a delegated person in the CICM Steering Committee. A CICM member organization can withdraw from CICM at any time.
    2. Members: The members of CICM are
      1. Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation (AISC)?,
      2. CALCULEMUS,
      3. Digital Mathematical Libraries (DML), and
      4. Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM).
    3. Steering Committee: The CICM Steering Committee consists of:
      1. Delegates: A person delegated by an CICM member to represent its interests in the Steering Committee.
      2. Programme Chairs: The incoming and outgoing CICM Programme Chairs are ex-officio members of the Steering Committee.
      3. Secretary: A person active in more than one constituent community who acts as a speaker and convener of the Steering Committee. The Secretary represents the overall CICM interests.
      4. Treasurer: An ex-officio member of the Steering Committee who handles the financial concerns of CICM.
      5. Publicity/Workshop Officer: An ex-officio member of the Steering Committee who handles publicity (web-site, mailings, etc) and liaises with CICM workshops.
    4. Election of the Secretary and the Treasurer: The CICM Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the delegates for a term of two years; If a delegate is elected to be the Secretary, he/she must be replaced by another delegate. If a delegate is elected to be the Secretary or Treasurer, the member may nominate a replacement delegate.
    5. Decision-Making: In cases where a consensus cannot be reached, the Steering Committee decides by simple majority, where each vote of a delegate is counted twice. Exceptions are:
      1. Termination of CICM membership requires a two thirds majority.
      2. Unscheduled termination of the office of the Secretary or Treasurer also requires a two thirds majority.
      3. Termination of CICM and the distribution of funds in this event requires a unanimous decision.
      4. Changes to the CICM Charter require an absolute majority among the CICM members represented by their delegates with no member voting against the charter change in six weeks after the motion was put to a vote by the CICM secretary.
    6. Finances: CICM maintains sufficient funds to seed CICM conferences and safeguard conference organizers from indemnification. Excess funds will be re-invested into the CICM community, for instance, in the forms prizes or student stipends.
      1. CICM is itself a member of IfCoLog, which provides CICM with a tax-exempt account.
      2. The initial funds for CICM have been supplied by CALCULEMUS and MKM.
      3. Conference organizers are encouraged to plan for a modest profit (10% of the overall budget) to be plowed back into the CICM funds.
      4. The CICM funds are managed by the Treasurer; both the Treasurer and the Secretary have access to the IfCoLog account.
    7. Conference: The CICM conference is organized in tracks.
      1. Tracks: Each CICM member organization has the right to request its own track. In addition CICM has a "Projects and Systems" track and the Programme Committee may establish informal tracks.
      2. Programme Chair: CICM conferences have a joint Programme Committee, with one overall Programme Chair who is responsible for the overall organization and composition of the academic programme. In particular, the Programme Chair is responsible for the work-in-progress papers programme and proceedings and for selecting the workshops for CICM. The Programme Chair is determined by the CICM Steering Committee.
      3. Track Chairs: The CICM members nominate Track Chairs for their track (if it exists) via their delegate in the CICM Steering Committee. Track Chairs must be approved by the Steering Committee. They are responsible for handling the submissions of their respective tracks.
      4. Programme Committee: The Programme Chair and the Track Chairs jointly select the CICM Programme Committee.
      5. Conference Chairs and Conference Venue: Each CICM conference has one or two Conference Chairs who organizes all aspects of the conference except for the academic program, in particular, local arrangements and the conference budget. Conference Chairs of upcoming conferences and Conference Venues are selected by the Steering Committee no less than one year before the conference.
      6. Proceedings: The conference has a single, refereed proceedings that covers accepted formal papers from all tracks that wish to be included. The Programme Chair and the Track Chairs are the editors of the proceedings.
      7. Work-in-Progress Proceedings: The CICM regular proceedings is accompanied by an informal proceedings for work-in-progress papers.
      8. Submission: The CICM conference has a single submission process and in particular a single deadline for submissions to the regular proceedings.
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