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  •                Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals
             13th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
          	                    - CICM 2020 -
                               July 26-31, 2020
                               Bertinoro, Italy
    Digital and computational solutions are becoming the prevalent means
    for the generation, communication, processing, storage and curation of
    mathematical information.
    CICM brings together the many separate communities that have developed
    theoretical and practical solutions for mathematical applications such
    as computation, deduction, knowledge management, and user interfaces.
    It offers a venue for discussing problems and solutions in each of
    these areas and their integration.
    CICM has been held annually as a joint meeting since 2008, co-locating
    related   conferences  and   workshops  to   advance  work   in  these
    subjects. Previous  meetings have been  held in Birmingham  (UK 2008),
    Grand Bend (Canada 2009), Paris (France 2010), Bertinoro (Italy 2011),
    Bremen (Germany  2012), Bath (UK  2013), Coimbra (Portugal  2014), 
    Washington DC (USA 2015), Bialystok (Poland 2016), Edinburgh (UK 2018)
    and Prague (Czech Republic 2019). 
    Workshop Proposals
    CICM encourages submissions of any kind of topically suitable workshop,
    including those focusing on formal results, open discussions, or practical 
    systems. Some of the workshops that have been held at past CICM meetings 
      Automated Reasoning: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
      Compact Computer Algebra
      Empirically Successful Automated Reasoning for Mathematics
      Formal Mathematics for Mathematicians 
      Intelligent Proof Search
      Mathematical user Interfaces
      Mathematics Information Retrieval
      Pen-Based Mathematical Computation
      Programming languages for Mechanized Mathematics Systems
      Proof Engineering
      The Notion of Proof
      User Interfaces for Theorem Provers
      Workshop on Formal Mathematics for Mathematicians
    Proposals for workshops  to be held at CICM 2020 are solicited.  Both
    well-established workshops and newer or brand new ones are encouraged.
    Please provide the following information:
        + Workshop title
        + Names and affiliations of organizers
        + Brief description of workshop goals and/or topics
        + Proposed workshop duration (half a day up to two days)
        + If the workshop has met previously, the recent conference affiliations
        + Preferred date (if any)
    Tutorial Proposals
    Tutorial topics should have a direct relevance to any topic in the scope of 
    CICM. Tutorials may be focus on theoretical methods or practical systems.
    We especially welcome tutorials with a hands-on component.
    Please provide the following information:
        + Tutorial title
        + Names and affiliations of organizers
        + Brief description of tutorial’s goals and/or topics
        + Tutorial duration (half or up to two days)
        + Relationship to previous tutorials (if any)
        + Preferred date (if any)
    CICM  will take  care  of copying  and  distributing informal  printed
    proceedings for  workshops/tutorials (if the organizers wish that) as well as
    permanently archiving open access online proceedings with
    Important Dates
    Proposals should be submitted by February 01, 2020.
    All  proposals  should  be  submitted via
    More details on the conference are available from
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