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  • This year topic is 
         DMLs of Informal and Formal Mathematics   
    with a subtitle 
         Marriage or Divorce?
    The schedule of panel is usually this:
    1) Exposition of the topic
    2) Position statements of panelists
    3) General discussion
    There are two areas/worlds/directions where term DML
    (Digital Mathematics Libraries) is used: 
    a) library of [informal] scientific [mostly peer-reviewed]
    papers that are have been written in the area of 
    mathematics since Aristotle.  Most papers in this
    world have been digitized and persistent pointers
    (DOIs, Zbl or MathSciNet IDs) are used as pointers
    to them. This allowed to build a web of linked and
    verified (reviews in referative databases) mathematical
    knowledge. In CICM jargon, DML track copes with this area
    and Herbert Van de Sompel's talk dealt with
    problems of linking and persistence in this world. 
    b) library of [formal] mathematics knowledge, e.g.
    theorems formally proven by systems as Wolfram|Alpha,
    Coq, Mizar and others. Libraries of such math
    knowledge are poping up.
    In CICM jargon, MKM track copes with this area
    and Eric Weisstein's invited talk (eCF library)
    elaborated on current possibilities in this world.
    In the position statement panelist may reflect on
    - experience with these worlds, with emphasis on
      important aspects, databases, tools and interfaces
      he sees in them
    - whether these two worlds should be linked each other
      or merged in the future, and if so, in which way
    - a wish how [WH|U|W]DML should look like in ten years' time   
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