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  • Track B: DML (Chair: Petr Sojka)

    Mathematicians dream of a digital archive containing all peer-reviewed mathematical literature ever published, properly linked, validated and verified. It is estimated that the entire corpus of mathematical knowledge published over the centuries does not exceed 100,000,000 pages, an amount easily manageable by current information technologies.

    Track objective is to provide a forum for development of math-aware technologies, standards, algorithms and formats towards fulfillment of the dream of global digital mathematical library (DML). Computer scientists (D) and librarians of digital age (L) are especially welcome to join mathematicians (M) and discuss many aspects of DML preparation.

    Track topics are all topics of mathematical knowledge management and digital libraries applicable in the context of DML building -- processing of math knowledge expressed in scientific papers in natural languages, namely:

    • Math-aware text mining (math mining) and MSC classification
    • Math-aware representations of mathematical knowledge
    • Math-aware computational linguistics and corpora
    • Math-aware tools for [meta]data and fulltext processing
    • Math-aware OCR and document analysis
    • Math-aware information retrieval
    • Math-aware indexing and search
    • Authoring languages and tools
    • MathML, OpenMath, TeX and other mathematical content standards
    • Web interfaces for DML content
    • Mathematics on the web, math crawling and indexing
    • Math-aware document processing workflows
    • Archives of written mathematics
    • DML management, business models
    • DML rights handling, funding, sustainability
    • DML content acquisition, validation and curation

    DML track is an opportunity to share experience and best practices between projects in many areas (MKM, NLP, OCR, IR, DL, pattern recognition,...) that could change the paradigm for searching, accessing, and interacting with the mathematical corpus. The track is trans/interdisciplinary and contributions from any kind of people on any aspect of the DML building are welcome.

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